PRB020 Anthony Naples - Ep

Four new ones from A.N. Preview

PRB019 Bell Le Roy & Larry Leeba - LP

Larry and Bell are two musos from the East and West of the Atlantic, who met on a scuba trip in Belize in '99. Larry plays Bongos, Bell is on the organic sampler and echo pedal, and a local cast of musicians backed them up on Guitar, Double Bass, and Kick Drum. After a few Rum Daiquiris and many spliff, these are the sessions whittled down to strictly the best of hits.

PRB018 Huerco S. - LP

Eight of the densest ambient and meditative music pieces since the dawn of music!! Sounds both extremely of this time, and of no time whatsoever. Monolithic and stark but extremely warm, intensely personal, and for every one in every which way. We are very happy to present to you “For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)”, an album by Huerco S.

PRB017 Dj Python - EP

DJ Python is arguably NYC’s first Deep-Reggaeton artist. The record starts on the Dembow, tricks you into thinking you actually got the deepest-of-the-deep house record on the flip, and quickly snaps back to the rhythm on the last track. DJ Python says “This will be a huge Open-Air record.”

PRB016 Hi & Saberhägen - EP

Hi & Saberhägen are two friends from Glasgow who make some incredible music. Here we have three songs in their very unique styles – a crazy, out of step, tribal acid house song, one paranoid disco stormer, and a walkabout through some trippi foliage to bring it home. Preview


A quick split between H.J. and A.N. One freaky-deaky drum tool that operates on it own wave in space and time on the A, and the other side – a snappy, hazy ode(s) to the Rhodes. Preview

PRB014 Anthony Naples - EP

Four track EP made in four places at four very different times - one in NYC, one in Miami, one in Tokyo, and one in Berlin. All in memory of D.M. forever and ever. Preview

PRB013 - Skipped

PRB012 Mio Mio - EP

To quote a Discogs user named superpure: “A chill ass elephantine stomper of the toppest calibre!” Preview

PRB011 Huerco S. - EP

Three refined, restrained, and reconstructive house and techno songs (not tracks) that sound like they were plucked straight out of the earth, yet again in a style only Huerco can do, and he’s only getting better! Preview

PRB010 Anthony Naples - LP Digital

The Debut LP from Anthony Naples in digital form. It’s out physically on Four Tet’s Text label. Preview

PRB009 Royal Crown of Sweden - Reissue

The mind shattering debut from Royal Crown of Sweden, reissued with two new tracks, remastered lovingly by Beau Thomas with new art by Gabe. Preview

PRB008 Anthony Naples - ‘Two Tracks I Hated’ EP

This was a 12” I was going to put out, but we decided not to because it really wasn’t that good. I gave the only test pressing to my friends at Cav Empt with a “custom etching” as a gift. Edition 1 of 1. (out of print)

PRB007 Various Artists - EP

Four new tracks from four great producers - Hank, Alex, Jackson, and Huerco S. under a pseudonym. Preview

PRB006 H.S. - EP

Huerco S. in wildly-experimental mode, trippy, subtle and extra-hazy but still thumping and sick as always. Preview

PRB005 Austin Cesear - EP

A record from one of the best musicians and producers, Austin Cesear. Three songs, distinctly west coast and wide eyed. Preview

PRB004 Hank Jackson - EP

Wild n’ crazy drum and percussion madness from Hanky J in his unique and flavorful style. Preview

PRB003 Anthony Naples - EP

Despite what you may think, ‘P O T’ is named after a restaurant in Opa Locka, Florida, and not Marijuana. Two tracks from a confusing time (out of print). Preview

PRB002 Local Artist - EP

A great record from Mood Hut and Vancouver Local Artist, IGW. Dipping between dub, house and more ambient stuff in the same song! Preview

PRB001 Royal Crown of Sweden - EP

The record that started it all. Three original and crazy house tracks with a remix from Bookworms, Steve Summers and Lori Napolean. (out of print). Preview



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